The Ultimate Arena is a book in the genre of historical fiction.  The author did not ask for or receive permission from the aggrieved family to use the soldier’s real name, but anyone who has seen the documentary by Amir Bar-Lev called “The Tillman Story” knows who the story is about.  After buying and viewing the documentary numerous times, the author came to two conclusions: One, the government and military in the GW Bush era was operating like a convention of psychopaths.  Truth had no place, empathy was a nuisance.  The only motivation was the acquisition of money and power.  Two, the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and the truth has to be found in this book of fiction.

Book Reviews

“This is a brilliantly written and courageous book! Its author, Dan Ireland, through a blend of investigative research and gut instinct, reveals a gripping story of how the US government not only covered up and denied the truth about Pat Tillman’s death, but it reveals facts and conjectures that reveal the author’s belief that Tillman was intentionally killed by his own government. This book has powerful insights likely to reopen a new investigation into Tillman’s death.”

-Carolyn Germaine on January 29, 2014

“This book is so much more than the death of a patriot. It digs into the evil hidden in plain sight. The US government, Military industrial complex, big business and cover up used to keep the masses silent is exposed by this book. Obviously there was a great deal of research done and the fictionalized parts bring together an amazing story which needs to be read. Even with all the detail, it is a surprisingly easy read. I highly recommend it.”

-Judith Kopperude on March 1, 2014

“An American soldier’s death during a mission in Afghanistan seems to be part of a government conspiracy in Ireland’s debut military thriller inspired by the life of Pat Tillman….A conspiracy-filled thriller that works by hinging on the family’s struggle for answers and by not providing the easy ones.”

- Kirkus Reviews